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About us

IVOIRE SERVICES SHIPPING is a Limited Company established in IVORY COAST-West Africa. We are specialized in maritime sector with well trained and qualified personnel.


Our vision is to provide excellent, creditable, reputable, reliable, accurate, timely and professional services to companies, institutions, even governments and individuals who engaged in the maritime and oil-related industry across the globe.


Our mission is to build a leading global maritime and oil-related logistic services firm by providing high quality services targeted at the critical needs of our esteemed customers at very reasonable cost with a view to maximizing their investments.


Our core values are quality, integrity, objectivity, commitment, effectiveness, accuracy, suitability, and optimum customer satisfaction.


Our customer relationship is guided by our core values. With our stamp of quality and experience, we are very confident and have the facilities to provide and support your needs at a very affordable price and on time.

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