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Face aux nombreux défis à relever, la société IVOIRE SERVICES SHIPPING s’est engagée à œuvrer pour une satisfaction totale de nos clients.  More…

About us

Ivoire Services shipping is Ivorian company based at Abidjan-Treich-ville Avenue 16 near TreicHotel.We offer many services such as ship-chandling, import-export, maritime assistance, office furniture…We are a team of professional.With solide,modern, dynamism our core values are quality, integrity, objectivity, commitment, effectiveness, accuracy, suitability, and optimum customer satisfaction.  More…

Ours activities

This service consist to supply dry/fresh provisions, spare parts, cleaning materials, safety / engine/deck stores ,servicing such as inspections of liferafts/fire extinguishers/BA apparatus to vessels coming to Abidjan and san pedro ports at wharf/quay or OPL.  More…

Ours partnaires

At IVOIRE SERVICES SHIPPING we put forward partnerships. We have many local and international partners which the principal one is GNA insurances.   More…


You can contact us by phones, emails or via ours web site.   More…

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